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Piece Water Solution 12FL OZ (355 mL)

Piece Water Solution 12FL OZ (355 mL)

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Piece Water Solution is a revolutionary product designed to enhance your smoking experience.
- This 12FL OZ (355 mL) bottle is formulated to keep your bongs, water pipes, and bubblers clean while you smoke.
- The unique solution acts as a filtration liquid, effectively trapping particulate matter and preventing resin from forming.
- Its all-natural ingredients ensure a safe and non-toxic alternative to traditional water, enhancing flavor and smoothness.
- Easy to use, simply pour Piece Water into your smoking apparatus instead of regular water.
- It's designed to reduce cleaning time, as the solution keeps your pieces cleaner for longer periods.
- Ideal for regular smokers, it helps maintain the purity of your smoke and the cleanliness of your gear.
- Piece Water Solution is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and made with a proprietary blend of safe, natural mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts.

**Warning**: This product is intended for use with legal smoking accessories only. Must be 21 years or older to purchase. Always use as directed and handle responsibly.

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