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Smok RPM 85 / 100 Empty Pod

Smok RPM 85 / 100 Empty Pod

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Empty Pods

Discover the distinct features of the SMOK RPM 85/100 pod cartridges, tailored specifically for the SMOK RPM series. Make sure to choose the right pod cartridge compatible with your device's atomizer heads for optimal performance.

**SMOK RPM 85/100 - RPM3 Pod Cartridge Features:**
- **Refill System:** Empty refillable pod cartridge for tailored e-liquid choice.
- **Capacity:** 6.0ml for extended vaping sessions.
- **Quantity:** Comes in a pack of 3.
- **Coil Compatibility:** Designed exclusively for use with Smok RPM 3 Atomizer Heads.
- **Note:** Coils are sold separately.
- **Compatibility Alert:** Not designed for use with Smok RPM, RPM 2, or Nord Atomizer Heads.

**SMOK RPM 85/100 - RPM 2 Pod Cartridge Features:**
- **Refill System:** Empty, easily refillable pod cartridge.
- **Capacity:** 6.0ml e-liquid reservoir.
- **Quantity:** Available in a pack of 3.
- **Coil Compatibility:** Specifically compatible with Smok RPM 2 Atomizer Heads.
- **Note:** Remember to purchase coils separately.
- **Compatibility Alert:** These pods are not compatible with Smok RPM, RPM 3, or Nord Atomizer Heads.

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