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Strid CartBox 510 Battery

Strid CartBox 510 Battery

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Cartbox Incognito 2G 510 Battery by STRIO

Delight in the stealth of STRIO's newest offering, the Cartbox Incognito. Crafted meticulously for the vape enthusiasts who prioritize discretion, the Cartbox Incognito presents itself as a conventional disposable vape but with a secret chamber to stash your cherished 2 gram 510 cartridge.


- **Stealth Mode Activated:** Designed to resemble a typical disposable vape, the Cartbox Incognito offers the utmost discretion, allowing you to enjoy your vape session without drawing attention.

- **Compatibility:** Tailored to snugly fit a 2 gram 510 cartridge, this device ensures you never have to leave your favorite cart behind.

- **User-Friendly:** With its intuitive design and easy operation, even first-time vapers will find the Cartbox Incognito a breeze to use.

- **Durable Build:** Constructed with quality materials, the Cartbox Incognito promises longevity and resilience against the typical wear and tear.

- **Portable Design:** Compact and lightweight, the Cartbox Incognito is your ideal companion on-the-go, making it easy to carry around in your pocket or purse.

**In Conclusion:**
For those who value discretion without compromising on the vaping experience, the Cartbox Incognito by STRIO is the ultimate solution. No more fumbling with bulky devices or drawing unwanted stares. With the Cartbox Incognito, indulge in your vape sessions with confidence and style. Experience the blend of stealth and functionality with this innovative device by STRIO.

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