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Afzal Authentic Flavoured Molasses Tobacco - 50G

Afzal Authentic Flavoured Molasses Tobacco - 50G

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Afzal Authentic Flavoured Molasses Tobacco - 50G


Dive into the rich heritage of hookah smoking with Afzal's Authentic Flavoured Molasses Tobacco. Specially crafted using a blend of premium tobacco leaves infused with exquisite flavors, this 50G pack offers a transcendent smoking experience. Afzal stands out with its commitment to quality and tradition, ensuring every puff is a journey of authentic tastes and aromas.

**Key Highlights**:
1. **Tradition Meets Quality**: Afzal's blend brings together the best of traditional smoking practices with modern quality standards.
2. **Variety of Flavors**: Choose from an array of unique and captivating flavors, each promising a distinct and memorable session.
3. **Perfectly Balanced**: The molasses infusion ensures a smooth, flavorful smoke, enriched with the right touch of sweetness.
4. **Consistent Experience**: Afzal guarantees a uniform burn, ensuring you get the most out of your hookah session.

**WARNING**: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Always use with caution and in moderation.


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