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Ugly House Stash Air - 9OZ

Ugly House Stash Air - 9OZ

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Ugly House 9 oz. Stash Jar Review


- **Smell Proof Air-Tight Seal**: One of the primary concerns with stash jars is odor leakage. The Ugly House jar kept everything sealed in tight, ensuring no unwanted smells escaped.

- **Safety First**: The child-resistant cap is a thoughtful addition. The push seal provides an extra layer of protection against curious little hands, giving users peace of mind.

- **Smooth Silicone Sleeve**: Not only does it give the jar a good grip, but it also adds a touch of aesthetic appeal to the overall design. The silicone sleeve also provides a cushioned layer, possibly protecting the contents from minor bumps.

- **Eco-Friendly**: It's a relief to see that the jar is BPA free, aligning with growing consumer concerns about harmful chemicals in storage containers.

The Ugly House 9 oz. Stash Jar does its job effectively, blending functionality with a modern design. It's a worthy consideration for anyone in the market for a reliable and stylish stash jar. The price might seem steep for some, but for those prioritizing quality and design, it's a worthy investment.

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