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Black & Mild 5 Pipe-Tobacco Cigars

Black & Mild 5 Pipe-Tobacco Cigars

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Black & Mild 5 Pipe-Tobacco Cigars


**Product Overview**:

Black & Mild 5 Pipe-Tobacco Cigars offer a unique blend of smooth, aromatic pipe tobacco wrapped in a homogenized wrapper, providing a pipe-like experience in a cigar form. This pack of 5 is ideal for those who enjoy both the convenience of cigars and the rich flavors of pipe tobacco.


- **Pipe-Tobacco Blend**: Specifically formulated to mimic the nuanced flavors of premium pipe tobacco.

- **Homogenized Wrapper**: Ensures a consistent, even burn from start to finish.

- **Pack of 5**: Ideal for sharing or for extended personal enjoyment.

- **Convenient Size**: Portable and ideal for a quick smoking session.

- **Individually Wrapped**: Each cigar is individually wrapped for freshness and quality.

**Usage Instructions**:

1. Unwrap one cigar from its individual packaging.
2. Clip or pinch the end, if necessary.
3. Light the cigar evenly for a balanced burn.
4. Enjoy the unique blend of pipe-tobacco flavor and aroma.

**About Black & Mild**:

Black & Mild is a popular brand known for its pipe-tobacco cigars, blending the best features of pipes and cigars into convenient, ready-to-smoke products.

**Warning**: You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase and use this product. Smoking is harmful to health and should be done responsibly, in accordance with local laws.

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