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utest high tech OPI 2000 ng/mL Test Kit

utest high tech OPI 2000 ng/mL Test Kit

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The uTest High Tech OPI 2000 ng/mL Test Kit is specifically designed for detecting opiates in the body. It's tailored to identify the presence of opiates at a sensitivity level of 2000 ng/mL. Easy to use at home, this kit provides a convenient and confidential way to conduct self-testing for opiates, which includes various prescription drugs and certain illegal substances. The kit includes everything needed for a single test, offering quick and accurate results.

**Warning**: This product is intended for adult use and should be utilized responsibly. It's designed for personal testing and not for official or legal purposes. Users must be 21 years or older. Please use this kit in accordance with the law and adhere to all safety guidelines.

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