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ACID Kuba Kuba Sumatra Cigars

ACID Kuba Kuba Sumatra Cigars

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ACID Kuba Kuba Sumatra Cigars

Product Overview:

ACID Kuba Kuba Sumatra cigars offer a rich, yet smooth experience to aficionados, thanks to their unique infusion process and the quality of craftsmanship that goes into each unit. This particular line employs a flavorful Sumatra wrapper, encasing a blend of premium Nicaraguan fillers.

**Key Features**:

- **Unique Infusion Process**: Utilizing a secret infusion process with over 150 botanicals, herbs, and essential oils to give the cigars a distinct and unparalleled flavor profile.

- **Sumatra Wrapper**: The cigars are adorned with a Sumatra wrapper, which imparts a complex, spicy, and slightly sweet flavor that harmoniously melds with the infused blend.

- **Nicaraguan Fillers**: Made with a fine selection of Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, providing a rich and aromatic smoke.

- **Iconic ACID Line**: Being part of the renowned ACID line by Drew Estate, it offers a distinctive smoking experience known for its quality and innovation.

**About ACID Cigars**:

ACID Cigars, a prominent line from Drew Estate, has garnered a massive following due to its unique approach to cigar manufacturing. The meticulous infusion process and the selection of top-quality tobaccos make ACID Cigars a go-to choice for those seeking a different yet pleasing cigar experience.


This product is intended for use by individuals 21 years of age or older. It contains nicotine, a substance known to be addictive. Please use responsibly and in accordance with the law of your jurisdiction. Always store this product out of the reach of children and pets. To preserve the quality of the cigars, store them in a proper storage solution such as a humidor. Be mindful of health advisories associated with tobacco use, and enjoy responsibly.

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