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ALeaf Kit AB’ Ash Catcher with Barrel Perc - 14mm Male, 45 Degree

ALeaf Kit AB’ Ash Catcher with Barrel Perc - 14mm Male, 45 Degree

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Enhance your bong’s performance with the ALeaf Kit AB’ Ash Catcher, equipped with a barrel percolator for superior filtration. This accessory not only keeps your bong cleaner but also ensures smoother, cooler hits by effectively filtering the smoke through its innovative barrel perc design.

Product Features:

• Connection: 14mm male joint, designed to fit seamlessly with any compatible 45-degree female joint.
• Angle: 45-degree configuration for a perfect fit and aesthetic alignment with your bong.
• Percolator: Equipped with a barrel percolator that diffuses smoke extensively, resulting in a cleaner and smoother inhale.


• Improved Filtration: Captures ash and particulates, preventing them from entering your bong and keeping it cleaner for longer.
• Cooler, Smoother Hits: The barrel perc cools the smoke as it passes through, reducing harshness and enhancing the flavor.
• Durable Construction: Made from high-quality glass, ensuring durability and a clean aesthetic appeal.

Ideal for:

• Regular bong users seeking to enhance their smoking experience with advanced filtration.
• Those who prefer a cleaner bong with less residue buildup.
• Smokers who enjoy smooth, cool hits without the harshness.

Usage Instructions:

1. Securely attach the ash catcher to the 45-degree female joint of your bong.
2. Fill the barrel percolator with water just enough to cover the perc openings.
3. Insert your filled bowl into the ash catcher.
4. Light the bowl and draw smoke through the ash catcher into the bong, enjoying the enhanced smoothness and filtration.

Warning: Designed for tobacco or legal herb use only. Must be of legal smoking age to purchase and use.

Care Instructions: Regular cleaning with isopropyl alcohol and salt will maintain the clarity and functionality of the ash catcher. Ensure it is fully rinsed and dried before reconnecting to your bong.​

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