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Dome Wrecker: Vegan Gummies With THCA, Delta-9, & THCP - 11,000mg

Dome Wrecker: Vegan Gummies With THCA, Delta-9, & THCP - 11,000mg

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Elevate your edible experience with Dome Wrecker's Vegan Gummies, meticulously crafted to combine the potent effects of THCA, Delta-9, and THCP. Each jar contains 21 gummies, collectively infused with 11,000mg of cannabinoids, designed to provide a powerful and long-lasting impact.

Product Features:
- Quantity: 21 gummies per jar.
- Total Cannabinoids: 11,000mg, ensuring a high potency experience.
- Ingredients: THCA, Delta-9 THC, and THCP; all extracted from legally compliant hemp.
- Vegan: Made without any animal products, suitable for vegan dietary preferences.
- Flavors: A variety of delicious, natural fruit flavors in every jar.

- Potent Effects: Designed for experienced users looking for substantial cannabinoid intake.
- Full Spectrum Experience: Benefits from multiple cannabinoids may include enhanced effects due to the entourage effect.
- Convenient Dosing: Each gummy offers a precise dose, simplifying consumption.

Ideal for:
- Experienced cannabis users seeking a powerful, multi-cannabinoid effect.
- Those who prefer plant-based products.
- Users looking for a discreet and easy way to consume high levels of cannabinoids.

Usage Instructions:
- Start with a smaller portion of a gummy to gauge tolerance.
- Allow up to two hours for full effects before considering an additional dose.

Warning: This product contains potent levels of cannabinoids. It is intended for use by adults 21 and older. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while using this product. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Note: This product is manufactured using hemp-derived cannabinoids and does not contain psilocybin or any psychoactive properties. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new dietary supplement or if you have a serious medical condition.

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