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Good Grinder Mini Electric Grinder

Good Grinder Mini Electric Grinder

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The Good Grinder Mini Electric Grinder revolutionizes herb grinding with its advanced design and ease of use. Made from durable glass and stainless steel, it offers a superior grinding experience. This USB-rechargeable grinder features a 1.7 oz glass herb chamber, making it perfect for everyday use and easy to carry. To operate, simply ensure the grinder is firmly attached to the glass tank and press the power button five times quickly. It boasts ultra-sharp 6 pcs leaf teeth for evenly ground herbs with perfect consistency. With safety features including button lock, child lock, and various protections for overcharge and short circuits, it ensures a secure grinding process. The built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery lasts for weeks, and with Type-C charge technology, recharging is faster than ever. It automatically mills herbs, dried flowers, and spices, filling them into an awaiting sachet or cone. Despite its compact size, the 1.7oz/50 ml jar has a large capacity for all your grinding needs, offering a hands-free experience and a new level of convenience in herb grinding.

Warning: This product is intended for use by adults 21 years or older. Please use responsibly and in accordance with applicable laws.​

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