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HappyKit The Very HappyKit Dab+

HappyKit The Very HappyKit Dab+

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The Very HappyKit Dab+ elevates your dabbing experience to unparalleled heights, embodying the essence of convenience and joy. This comprehensive kit is designed for enthusiasts seeking a seamless, all-in-one solution for their dabbing needs, ensuring happiness is always within reach. The kit is packed in an 8” x 4.5” smell-proof, shock-proof, and water-resistant slick case, equipped with a child-proof combination lock for added security. Here’s what the kit includes:

• Smell-Proof Case: A durable case that ensures your dabbing essentials are protected and discreet.
• Glass Vapor Vessel: Featuring a tree percolator for smooth hits.
• Titanium Tip & Mouthpiece: A 10mm titanium tip for efficient heating and a 10mm mouthpiece for a comfortable inhale.
• Silicone Containers: Two 5ml containers for storing your concentrates.
• Torch: A high-quality torch for precise dab heating (colors and styles may vary).
• Dab Tool: For handling concentrates with ease.
• Dab Pad: To keep your dabbing area clean.

This kit isn’t just about utility; it’s about bringing joy and satisfaction to every dabbing session, wherever you go. Each component is thoughtfully included to ensure you have everything you need for the ultimate dabbing experience, complemented by an extra dose of happiness.​

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