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High Hemp Organic Rolling Paper

High Hemp Organic Rolling Paper

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High Hemp Organic Rolling Paper

Product Overview:

High Hemp Organic Rolling Papers offer a clean, chemical-free smoking experience for the health-conscious consumer. These papers are made from 100% organic hemp fibers and are available in two popular sizes: King Size Slim and 1 1/4.


- **100% Organic Hemp**: Manufactured from sustainably-sourced, organic hemp fibers.

- **Chemical-Free**: No added chemicals or bleaches, ensuring a cleaner smoke.

- **Slow-Burning**: The natural hemp provides a slow and even burn for a longer-lasting session.

- **Two Sizes**: Available in King Size Slim for those who prefer a longer smoke, and 1 1/4 for a more standard size.

- **Natural Gum**: Uses organic gum as adhesive, which is flavorless and effective.

**Usage Instructions**:

1. Take one paper from the pack.
2. Add your preferred smoking material to the crease of the paper.
3. Roll and tuck the paper gently around the material.
4. Lick the adhesive strip and seal the roll securely.
5. Light one end and enjoy your smoke.

**About High Hemp**:

High Hemp is committed to providing eco-friendly, organic products that cater to the needs of health-conscious smokers. Their rolling papers are one of their many offerings aimed at delivering a superior, natural smoking experience.

**Warning**: You must be 21 years or older to purchase. Smoking carries health risks and should be done responsibly, in compliance with local laws and regulations.

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