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HiXotic Trap’d Out Jeffrey THC-A+THCP+D8 Flower Prerolls - 5G

HiXotic Trap’d Out Jeffrey THC-A+THCP+D8 Flower Prerolls - 5G

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The HiXotic Trap’d Out Jeffrey Prerolls, containing 5 grams, blend THC-A, THCP, and Delta-8 THC for an elevated smoking experience. Each preroll is meticulously crafted to ensure a smooth and enjoyable session. The inclusion of THC-A provides the raw power of unactivated THC, while THCP enhances the experience with its potency, and Delta-8 THC offers a milder, more stable high. This combination caters to both seasoned users and those seeking a diverse cannabinoid profile.

Warning: These prerolls contain THC-A, THCP, and Delta-8 THC, which may produce psychoactive effects. Recommended for adults over 21 years old. Please consume responsibly and in line with state laws. This product complies with the Farm Bill Act, maintaining a THC concentration below 0.3%.

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