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JOB 1.5 Rolling Paper

JOB 1.5 Rolling Paper

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JOB 1.5 Rolling Paper


Product Overview:

The JOB 1.5 Rolling Papers are one of the go-to choices for those looking for a high-quality, dependable rolling paper. Known for their thinness and transparency, these papers offer a smooth, even burn that highlights the flavor of your chosen smoking material.


- **Ultra-Thin**: These papers are incredibly thin, which allows for a smoother, cleaner smoke.

- **Slow-Burning**: Made to burn slowly and evenly, extending the duration of your smoking session.

- **Natural Gum**: The papers use a natural gum adhesive that is both effective and unintrusive, not altering the flavor of your smoke.

- **Standard Size**: The 1.5 size offers a bit more room for your blend compared to 1 1/4 papers, making them versatile for different smoking preferences.

- **High Transparency**: The translucent quality allows you to see the material inside, giving you extra control while rolling.

**Usage Instructions**:

1. Take a paper from the booklet.
2. Place your preferred smoking material in the paper's crease.
3. Roll and tuck the paper gently around the material.
4. Lick the adhesive strip and secure the roll.
5. Light one end and enjoy your smoke.

**About JOB**:

JOB has been a leading name in the rolling paper industry for many years, known for their quality and reliability. Whether you're new to rolling your own or a seasoned smoker, JOB 1.5 papers are designed to provide a consistently excellent smoking experience.

**Warning**: You must be 21 years or older to purchase. Smoking carries health risks and should be done responsibly, in compliance with local laws and regulations.

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