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Modus Tap Out Blend 3.0 Edibles - 3000mg

Modus Tap Out Blend 3.0 Edibles - 3000mg

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Modus Tap Out Blend 3.0 Edibles are designed for those seeking a potent and enjoyable experience. Each package contains a total of 3000mg, making it suitable for experienced users.

- Edibles infused with a high concentration for powerful effects.
- Ideal for users looking for a strong and lasting experience.
- Each package contains multiple servings, allowing for controlled dosage.
- Easy to consume, with no need for smoking or vaping.
- Suitable for various recreational and relaxation purposes.

Warning: This product contains a high concentration of active ingredients and is intended for use by adults 21 years or older. It should be used responsibly and kept out of reach of children. Do not operate vehicles or machinery while under the influence. Please use in compliance with state laws.

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