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Smok Novo 2 Kit

Smok Novo 2 Kit

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The Smok Novo 2 Kit is a sleek, compact, and versatile pod system, perfect for vapers looking for a balance of convenience and performance. An upgrade from its predecessor, the Novo 2 offers enhanced features for an improved vaping experience.


- Enhanced Battery Life: Equipped with a larger built-in battery for longer vaping sessions without frequent charging.
- Improved Pod System: Comes with refillable pods, featuring an easy-to-use side fill system, and is compatible with a range of e-liquids.
- Adjustable Wattage: Offers adjustable wattage settings to customize your vaping experience.
- Compact Design: Its slim and portable design makes it easy to carry, fitting comfortably in the hand or pocket.
- Simple Operation: Auto-draw activated, eliminating the need for buttons and making it user-friendly.

Warning: This product contains nicotine, which is an addictive substance. It is intended for use by adults aged 21 and over. Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women, minors, or individuals with specific health conditions. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Use responsibly.

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