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Smok TA 0.2ohm 2 In 1 Meshed Coil

Smok TA 0.2ohm 2 In 1 Meshed Coil

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The Smok TA 0.2ohm Coil is a high-performance replacement coil designed for use with specific Smok vape devices. Optimized for a wattage range that delivers a balance of vapor production and flavor intensity, this coil is built to cater to sub-ohm vaping preferences. Its 0.2ohm resistance allows for efficient heating, producing dense clouds and rich flavor from your favorite e-liquids. Ensure to prime the coil properly before use to enhance its longevity and enjoy the best vaping experience.

This product is intended for use by individuals of legal vaping age. It does not contain THC or nicotine as a standalone item. Always use this coil within the recommended wattage range and with compatible devices as specified by the manufacturer.

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