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SpaceKing Diamond Knot Quarts Bowl

SpaceKing Diamond Knot Quarts Bowl

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The SpaceKing Diamond Knot Quartz Bowl is a premium accessory designed for those who appreciate the finer nuances of dabbing and smoking. This exquisite piece is renowned for its durability and heat resistance, thanks to the high-quality quartz used in its construction. Its unique diamond knot design not only serves as a visually appealing element but also enhances the heating surface area, leading to more efficient vaporization of concentrates.

Key Features:

• Material: Crafted from high-quality quartz, this bowl stands up to high temperatures and rapid heating changes without any compromise in performance or taste.
• Design: The diamond knot design is not just aesthetic; it increases the surface area for heating, ensuring that concentrates are vaporized more efficiently and evenly.
• Size: Designed to fit 14mm joints, making it a versatile accessory that can be used with a wide range of rigs and water pipes.
• Display Size: Ideal for personal use or as part of a collection, and perfect for display due to its eye-catching design and craftsmanship.

This quartz bowl is an excellent choice for enthusiasts looking to enhance their dabbing experience with a piece that combines functionality with style. Whether for everyday use or special occasions, the SpaceKing Diamond Knot Quartz Bowl delivers unparalleled performance and aesthetics.​

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