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TrueWeigh INTREPID SERIES Compact Bench Scale 74 OZ Bowl - 5000g x 0.1g

TrueWeigh INTREPID SERIES Compact Bench Scale 74 OZ Bowl - 5000g x 0.1g

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The TrueWeigh INTREPID SERIES Bench Scale is a versatile and robust weighing tool, offering a maximum capacity of 5000 grams with a precision of 0.1 grams.
- It comes with a large 74 oz bowl, making it perfect for a wide range of applications, from kitchen use to laboratory measurements.
- The scale's design is both functional and compact, allowing for easy storage and use in various settings.
- Features a user-friendly interface with a clear, backlit LCD display, ensuring measurements can be read easily in any lighting condition.
- Offers various weighing units, including grams, ounces, and more, to accommodate different measuring requirements.
- The durable construction includes a stainless steel platform, providing a reliable and easy-to-clean surface.
- Equipped with overload protection to prevent damage from excessive weight, enhancing the scale's longevity.
- Operates with battery power or an optional AC adapter, providing flexibility for both portable and stationary use.

**Warning**: This product is designed for adult use and should be operated responsibly. Recommended for users aged 21 and older. Always comply with local laws and regulations when using this device.

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