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TrueWeigh TUFF-WEIGH Digital Mini Scale - 200g x 0.01g

TrueWeigh TUFF-WEIGH Digital Mini Scale - 200g x 0.01g

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The TrueWeigh TUFF-WEIGH Digital Mini Scale is specifically designed for durability and resilience, with a robust construction ideal for demanding environments.
- It offers a high precision measurement with a maximum capacity of 200 grams and an accuracy of 0.01 grams, suitable for various precision weighing needs.
- The scale features a protective rubberized case which enhances its shock resistance, making it a reliable choice for frequent use in various settings.
- A clear and backlit LCD screen ensures easy readability in different lighting conditions, enhancing user convenience.
- The TUFF-WEIGH scale is compact and portable, making it a practical choice for users who need precise measurements on the go.
- The scale includes a removable cover which doubles as an expansion tray, adding to its versatility and practicality.
- It supports multiple units of measurement (g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn), catering to diverse weighing needs and preferences.
- Its automatic shut-off feature is designed to conserve battery life, making the scale more efficient and long-lasting.

**Warning**: This product is intended for adult use and must be used responsibly. Users must be 21 years or older. Always comply with local laws and regulations when using this scale.

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