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Lithicore 18650 3000MAh 3.7V

Lithicore 18650 3000MAh 3.7V

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Capacity & Power**: This 18650 battery boasts a significant 3000mAh capacity, providing a balance between size and performance.

- **Voltage**: Operates at a nominal voltage of 3.7V, which is standard for most 18650 cells.

- **Discharge Rate**: With a continuous discharge current of 20A and a max pulse of 35A, this battery is suitable for high-performance devices, ensuring your gadgets have the power when they need it most.

- **Dimensions**: Precisely crafted with a diameter of 18.50(±0.2)mm and a height of 65.20(±0.2mm).

- **Rechargeability**: This battery is rechargeable, ensuring longevity and cost savings in the long run.

- **Safety**: As with all Lithium-Ion batteries, safety is paramount. Always ensure the wrapper and insulator are undamaged before use. Avoid using in devices that draw a higher current than the battery's rating.

- **For Higher Capacity Needs**: Lithicore also offers a 3500mAh version for devices requiring longer battery life.


**Safety Precautions:**

1. Always inspect the battery's wrapper and insulator before use. Any sign of damage means the battery should not be used.

2. Only use the battery with devices that operate within its electrical current specifications.

3. Store batteries in safe containers, away from metal objects to prevent short-circuits.

4. Be aware of the risks: Lithium batteries, if mishandled, can explode or ignite.

5. Keep these batteries away from children and pets to prevent accidents.

6. Never attempt to modify the battery by disassembling, piercing, or exposing it to extreme conditions.

7. Lithicore emphasizes that they are not liable for any damages or injuries resulting from the misuse or mishandling of their batteries.


The 18650 3000mAh Lithicore Battery is a reliable and high-performing power source designed for a range of devices. Ensuring safety by following the guidelines can provide a dependable energy solution for your needs.

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