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High Quality Premium Hookah Aluminum Foil

High Quality Premium Hookah Aluminum Foil

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Kitosun Premium Punched Hookah Foil Sheets
Necessary Hookah Accessories for Optimal Smoking Experience

**Product Details**:
- **Perfect Size**: These 4.7" pre-cut foils are tailor-made to fit most hookah bowls, saving you the hassle of cutting and sizing.
- **Heavy Duty**: At 0.035mm thickness, these heavy-duty foils ensure heat is distributed evenly across your shisha tobacco for a smooth and flavorful smoke.
- **Pre-Punched Holes**: No need for a pin! The pre-punched holes optimize airflow, facilitating a longer smoking session with less chance of harsh or burnt flavors.
- **Convenience at Its Best**: These foils are the ultimate convenience for hookah lovers. No fuss, no mess – just place them on your bowl, and you're good to go.
- **Pack Quantity**: Contains 100 premium aluminum foils to ensure you're stocked up for multiple sessions.

Enhance your hookah smoking experience with the Kitosun Premium Punched Hookah Foil Sheets. Designed for those who seek perfection in their smoking sessions!

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