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Trueweigh Vortex Digital Bowl Scale

Trueweigh Vortex Digital Bowl Scale

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VORTEX Digital Bowl Scale**: Precision & Convenience Combined!


Presenting the VORTEX digital bowl scale, an embodiment of accuracy, convenience, and sleek design. This scale, with its unique circular design, doesn't just guarantee precision but also offers ease of maintenance with its dishwasher-safe weighing bowl. Its compactness ensures it's a snug fit in any kitchen or workspace, providing utility without occupying much space.

**Why is the VORTEX Digital Bowl Scale a Must-Have?**

- **Multifunctional Utility**: Perfect not just for kitchen aficionados but also for hobbyists, educators, and professionals across various fields.
- **Intuitive Design**: The weighing bowl not only facilitates precise measurements but also acts as a protective cover for the weighing platform.
- **Efficiency Redefined**: With features like Tare/Zero, automatically converting between multiple units, and a backlit LCD, tasks are accomplished with utmost ease.
- **Longevity and Reliability**: With built-in overload protection, power-saving auto-off, and a backing of a ten-year limited warranty, it’s a long-term investment for quality and peace of mind.

- **Capacity & Precision**: Can weigh up to a max of 5000g with a readability of 1g.
- **Multiple Units**: Easily toggle between g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, and gn.
- **Sturdy & Compact**: Weighing just a little over a pound, it's robust and space-efficient.

**Box Contents**:
The VORTEX Digital Bowl Scale kit comes complete with:
- A user-friendly manual to guide you through its functionalities.
- A dishwasher-friendly weighing bowl ensuring hassle-free cleaning.
- Essential AA batteries to get you started right out of the box.

**Truweigh**: Commitment to precision and quality that you can not only trust but also measure.


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