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Safeguard Upass 3OZ

Safeguard Upass 3OZ

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Upass Fetish Urine by Safeguard Laboratories



Introducing Upass, the gold standard in synthetic urine products by Safeguard Laboratories. As the leading choice for fetish enthusiasts, Upass is a meticulously crafted, premixed solution designed to emulate the exact properties of human urine, sans the risks.


1. **Authenticity**: Upass replicates the natural ingredients found in human urine such as creatinine, uric acid, sodium chloride, and more. Moreover, it mirrors the pH balance and specific gravity of genuine human urine.

2. **Safety**: Perfect for fetish play, Upass is 100% toxin and bacteria-free, ensuring that you experience the thrill without the health risks associated with real urine.

3. **Convenience**: No mixing or preparation needed. Ready-to-use right out of the box with a 2-year shelf life.

4. **Universal**: Suitable for both male and female fetish play.

**Why Upass stands out:**

- **Years of Excellence**: With its consistent quality over the years, Upass has built a reputation as the premier synthetic urine product for fetish purposes.

- **Safe Play**: Avoid the potential dangers of using real urine. Upass offers a cleaner, safer alternative for wet play enthusiasts.

**Product Specifications:**

- Premium quality synthetic urine
- Toxin and bacteria-free formula
- No mixing required
- Compatible for both male and female use
- Comes with a heat pad for temperature regulation
- Offers a 2-year shelf life

**Inside the Box:**

- One 3oz bottle of Upass Synthetic Urine
- A hand warmer for maintaining optimal temperature
- A convenient flip-top cap
- A rubber band for securing the contents
- Comprehensive instructions from Safeguard Laboratories for a hassle-free experience

**Note**: Upass Fetish Urine is intended for fetish purposes only. Misuse for illegal activities is strongly discouraged. Always follow local regulations and laws.

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