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Vibes 1 Gram Calis

Vibes 1 Gram Calis

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The Cali by VIBES™ 1 Gram Box



Crafted for connoisseurs seeking a luxurious smoking experience, The Cali by VIBES™ presents a 1-gram pre-roll tube that exemplifies excellence in every puff. Influenced by Berner's iconic rolling style, this pre-roll offers smokers the perfect combination of a wide, cylindrical shape with a meticulously designed airflow system, promising both a satisfying draw and a richer smoke.


1. **1G Capacity**: Generously sized to accommodate up to 1 gram of your favorite blend or strain.

2. **Wide, Cylindrical Shape**: Ensures a consistent burn for a smooth, unparalleled smoking experience.

3. **Optimal Airflow**: Designed for comfortable, easy pulls with maximum flavor.

4. **Big-Smoke Experience**: Embrace the luxury of a full-bodied smoke with every drag.

5. **Easy-To-Pack Design**: Simplifies the filling process while ensuring a tight, even roll.

6. **Four Blends Available**: Curate your smoking sessions with a selection from four distinct blends.

7. **Cultivated In France**: Prepared using the finest cannabis grown under optimal conditions in France.

8. **Hand-Rolled In Dominican Republic**: A mark of quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

9. **Acacia Gum**: A natural adhesive ensuring the roll remains securely intact.

**Additional Information:**

The specialized tips are more than just an aesthetic touch; they're functional. Acting as a filter, they ensure you enjoy a pure smoke by sieving out any undesired particles, and they also add stability, making the pre-roll easy to pack. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or someone looking for a premier introduction to the world of pre-rolls, The Cali by VIBES™ is the choice for you.

**Warning**: This product is for those 21 years of age or older. Understand the health implications of smoking and always be informed. Ensure you keep the product away from children and pets and abide by local laws and regulations. Use responsibly.

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