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King Palm Sky Walker Color Cones King Size

King Palm Sky Walker Color Cones King Size

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King Palm Sky Walker Color Cones King Size


**Stand Out With Every Puff**

Introducing the King Palm Sky Walker Color Cones in King Size - for the smokers who desire more than just a smoking experience; they crave a statement.


- **Tri-Color Design**: A visual treat with a 3-color gradient, ensuring your joint doesn't just feel good but looks extraordinary.

- **Premium Quality**: Crafted from top-tier paper, these cones promise a consistent, slow, and even burn for a perfect smoking experience.

- **King Size**: At 109 mm, these cones have ample space for your preferred smoking blend, ensuring a prolonged session.

- **Versatile Use**: Whether you're capturing content for social media, coordinating with an outfit, or simply in the mood for something colorful, these cones got you covered.

**Elevate Your Aesthetics:**
Beyond just a smoking session, King Palm brings an opportunity to make every moment Instagram-worthy. These vibrant cones are perfect for the modern smoker who loves to express themselves, ensuring their session is as unique as they are.

**Perfect for:** Themed parties, content creators, fashion-forward smokers, or anyone looking to add a bit of flair to their smoke.

**Warning**: This product is intended for adult use, 21+. Always use responsibly and be aware of the risks associated with smoking. Ensure you adhere to local regulations and laws.

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