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The PowerHitter Co

The PowerHitter Co

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The PowerHitter Co


**Rediscover the Legacy of the '70s!**

Presenting The PowerHitter™ - a blast from the past, bringing the most efficient and enjoyable smoking experience from the golden age of the '70s. A cherished treasure in the collections of seasoned enthusiasts, this device is renowned for its unique and exhilarating smoking method.


- **Maximum Potential Extraction**: Leverage the power of the PowerHitter™ to extract every bit of essence from your smoke.

- **Unique "Grip It and Rip It" Mechanism**: Insert a lit smoke into the dedicated holder in the cap, locate the air hole, cover with your finger, and let the magic happen!

- **Safe and Hygienic**: The device shoots a consistent, flavorful stream of smoke directly towards you, maintaining a distance from your mouth. It ensures there are no wet passes and keeps shared smoking sessions cootie-free!

- **Modern Meets Classic**: While we retain the classic functionality that made PowerHitter™ a legend, we've incorporated contemporary materials to elevate your experience.

**Why Choose The PowerHitter™?**

There's a reason this device is reminiscent of the good old days for many. It's not just a smoking accessory; it's an experience. Dive into the nostalgia while enjoying the advancements of modern-day smoking technologies.

**Be a Part of the Revolution**: Don't just be a smoker; be a trendsetter. Join the revival of a legend and be among the select

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