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RAW Perforated Natural Unrefined Soft Wide Tips

RAW Perforated Natural Unrefined Soft Wide Tips

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RAW Perforated Natural Unrefined Soft Wide Tips


Elevate your rolling artistry with RAW's Perforated Natural Unrefined Soft Wide Tips. Designed with the discerning smoker in mind, these tips provide an enhanced experience while staying true to RAW's commitment to natural, unprocessed products.


- **100% Natural**: Crafted from unbleached, chlorine-free fibers, maintaining RAW's dedication to purity.

- **Easy to Use**: The perforations make it effortless to roll the tip to your desired shape and size.

- **Enhanced Airflow**: The wide design ensures a smooth pull and prevents unwanted particles from being drawn into the mouth.

- **Soft & Flexible**: Made with softer fibers, these tips provide a comfortable feel between the lips.

- **Eco-Friendly**: Biodegradable and sustainably produced, in keeping with RAW’s environmentally conscious ethos.

- **Consistent Quality**: Every tip represents the high-quality standards that RAW is renowned for.


1. Tear a tip from the booklet along the perforations.
2. Fold the perforated side back and forth, then roll to the desired tightness.
3. Insert the rolled tip into your rolling paper or wrap, then fill, roll, and enjoy your session.

**Storage**: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain quality and freshness.

**Warning**: Smoking can be harmful to health. Ensure you're of legal age in your jurisdiction before using this product. Smoke responsibly and maintain hygiene by not sharing.

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