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RAW Organic Hemp Rolls King Size Slim 5 Meter Roll

RAW Organic Hemp Rolls King Size Slim 5 Meter Roll

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RAW Organic Hemp Rolls King Size Slim 5 Meter Roll


For the purest smoking aficionado who craves customization and wants control over every aspect of their roll, RAW introduces the Organic Hemp Rolls King Size Slim 5 Meter Roll. Roll it as short or as long as you wish for an experience tailored perfectly to your preferences.


- **Pure Organic Hemp**: Crafted from organically grown hemp, ensuring an authentic and chemical-free experience.

- **Cut to Your Length**: With 5 meters of rolling paper, you decide how long or short you want your roll to be.

- **Natural Gum**: Adhesive made from natural tree sap ensures a perfect seal every time.

- **Even Burn**: RAW's patented crisscross watermark ensures a smooth and even burn.

- **Eco-Friendly**: Produced using sustainable practices, staying true to RAW's commitment to environmental responsibility.

- **Chlorine-Free**: No added chemicals, which means a cleaner burn and taste.


1. Unroll the desired length of paper from the 5-meter roll.
2. Cut or tear the paper at your chosen length.
3. Add your smoking material, insert a tip if desired, and roll to perfection.
4. Light and enjoy.

**Storage**: Keep in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat or direct sunlight to maintain the paper's integrity.

**Warning**: Smoking can be harmful to health. Ensure you're of legal age in your jurisdiction before using this product. Always smoke responsibly and be aware of the risks. Don't share rolls to maintain hygiene.

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