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RAW x Lyrical Lemonade Bud Wrap Cones

RAW x Lyrical Lemonade Bud Wrap Cones

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RAW x Lyrical Lemonade Bud Wrap Cones


When two iconic entities come together, they create something truly special. The collaboration between RAW and Lyrical Lemonade presents the Bud Wrap Cones, combining the unparalleled quality of RAW with the creative flair of Lyrical Lemonade.


- **Limited Edition Collaboration**: A unique blend of RAW’s signature style and Lyrical Lemonade's distinct graphics.

- **Premium Quality**: Made with RAW’s natural unrefined paper ensuring a smooth and even burn.

- **Pre-Rolled for Convenience**: Simply fill and enjoy, saving you time and effort.

- **Natural Gum**: Adhesive made from natural tree sap provides a secure seal.

- **Authentic Watermark**: RAW’s patented crisscross watermark ensures an even burn every time.

- **Artistic Packaging**: Lyrical Lemonade's signature design elements make the packaging as much of a collector's item as the cones themselves.


1. Gently pack your desired smoking material into the pre-rolled cone.
2. Tap the cone periodically to ensure even distribution and packing.
3. Twist or fold the end to seal.
4. Light, enjoy, and immerse yourself in the fusion of RAW and Lyrical Lemonade's worlds.

**Storage**: Keep in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat or direct sunlight to maintain the cone's integrity.

**Warning**: Smoking can be harmful to health. You must be 21+ to use this product. Ensure you're of legal age in your jurisdiction before using this product. Always smoke responsibly and be aware of the risks. Don't share rolls to maintain hygiene.

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