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Futurola x Tyson Blunt Wrap The Toad

Futurola x Tyson Blunt Wrap The Toad

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Futurola x Tyson Blunt Wrap The Toad 


Teaming up with the iconic Mike Tyson, Futurola presents "The Toad" blunt wrap. A fusion of high-quality craftsmanship and Tyson's signature flair, these wraps ensure an elite smoking experience befitting of a champion.


- **Stellar Collaboration**: A joint venture between Futurola and Mike Tyson, melding the reputation of both giants.

- **Premium Quality**: Crafted from the choicest natural ingredients, guaranteeing a clean, even burn.

- **Rich Flavor**: The Toad wrap is designed to complement your herbs without overshadowing their natural flavors.

- **Natural Materials**: Produced without bleach, GMOs, or any harmful additives.

- **Versatility**: Suitable for crafting a variety of rolled smokes, from quick hits to prolonged sessions.

- **Signature Branding**: Unique Tyson-themed packaging makes it an essential piece for aficionados and collectors.


1. Prepare your preferred smoking material by grinding it to a medium consistency.
2. Lay the Futurola x Tyson wrap flat and evenly distribute your ground material.
3. Roll the wrap tightly around the contents, sealing the ends for a smooth experience.
4. Ignite, and immerse yourself in the rich legacy of The Toad.

**Storage**: Keep in a cool, dry area away from direct exposure to sunlight to maintain freshness and integrity.

**Warning**: Smoking can pose health risks. This product should be used by individuals 21 years or older. Verify legal age before purchase and consumption. Always be conscious of the associated risks and practice responsible usage. For sanitary reasons, refrain from sharing rolls with others.

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