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RAW Terpene Infused Cone

RAW Terpene Infused Cone

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RAW Terpene Infused Cones


**Product Overview**:

Step into the aromatic world of terpenes with RAW Terpene Infused Cones. Designed to elevate your smoking experience, these cones introduce a heightened sensory dimension, ensuring every puff is memorable.


- **Terpene Infusion**: Imbued with naturally derived terpenes, these cones amplify the flavor profile of your favorite herbs, allowing for a richer, more nuanced taste.

- **Natural Authenticity**: Made using RAW's signature unbleached and unrefined plant fibers, ensuring the authentic taste of your herbs shines through.

- **Even Burn**: Featuring the unique RAW watermark, these cones promise an even and slow burn, allowing for a seamless smoking experience.

- **Eco-conscious Production**: Produced using renewable windmill energy, free from GMOs, and upholding RAW's commitment to the environment.

- **Ease of Use**: Pre-rolled for convenience, all you need to do is fill, light, and enjoy.

**Usage Instructions**:

1. Grind your chosen herb to a consistent texture.
2. Pack the cone evenly, avoiding overfilling which can hinder airflow.
3. Light the tip, take a drag, and immerse yourself in the amplified flavors courtesy of the terpene infusion.

**About RAW**:

A leader in the world of natural, artisanal smoking products, RAW is synonymous with purity and authenticity. Their commitment to sustainability and quality ensures every product is both eco-friendly and top-notch.

**Warning**: This product is intended for use by adults aged 21 and over. Ensure to use responsibly.

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