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RAW Boosted Cone

RAW Boosted Cone

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RAW Rocket Booster Cones


**Product Overview**:

Elevate your smoking experience with the RAW Rocket Booster Cones. Boosted with cannabinoid activators, these innovative cones are crafted for those looking for a heightened sensation and a richer session.


- **Cannabinoid Activators**: Uniquely infused with cannabinoid activators, these cones are designed to boost the effects of your herbs, making every drag more potent and dynamic.

- **Natural & Authentic**: Made using RAW's signature unbleached and unrefined plant fibers, ensuring the purest and most genuine taste.

- **Even Burn**: The distinct RAW watermark promises a consistent, slow burn for an uninterrupted smoking experience.

- **Eco-conscious**: Made using renewable windmill energy, they're free from GMOs and reflect RAW's dedication to the environment.

- **Pre-rolled Convenience**: Simply grind, fill, light, and enjoy the amplified effects of your favorite herbs.

**Usage Instructions**:

1. Grind your chosen herb to a fine consistency.
2. Pack the cone evenly, ensuring there's sufficient airflow.
3. Light the tip and savor the enhanced effects from the cannabinoid activators.

**About RAW**:

As a frontrunner in the natural, artisanal smoking industry, RAW is known for its commitment to purity and integrity. Every product upholds a standard of quality while also being environmentally friendly.

**Warning**: This product is intended for use by adults aged 21 and over. Ensure to use responsibly and be aware of the boosted effects due to the cannabinoid activators.

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