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Twisted Hemp Premium Hemp Cigarillo + Glass Filter Tip

Twisted Hemp Premium Hemp Cigarillo + Glass Filter Tip

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Twisted Hemp Premium Hemp Cigarillo + Glass Filter Tip


**Product Overview**:

Experience a smooth, natural, and enriched smoking experience with Twisted Hemp Premium Hemp Cigarillos. Made entirely from organic hemp, these cigarillos stand out with their premium quality and durability. The addition of a glass filter tip promises a refined and elevated smoking session, eliminating the harshness often associated with traditional paper tips.


- **100% Hemp**: Crafted exclusively from organic hemp, ensuring a pure and genuine smoke, free from nicotine and tobacco.

- **Glass Filter Tip**: Elevates your experience by cooling down the smoke, making each puff smoother and more enjoyable. It's also reusable and eco-friendly.

- **Slow Burning**: These hemp cigarillos offer a consistent and even burn, guaranteeing an extended and enjoyable session.

- **Natural Flavor**: Without any artificial additives or flavors, these cigarillos let the natural taste of your herbs shine through.

- **Easy to Fill**: Designed for convenience, they're easy to unroll and fill with your preferred herbal blend.

- **Eco-friendly Packaging**: The packaging is designed to be environmentally friendly, further solidifying Twisted Hemp's commitment to sustainability.

**Usage Instructions**:

1. Carefully unroll the cigarillo.
2. Fill with your chosen blend.
3. Roll tightly, ensuring the glass tip is firmly in place.
4. Light up and enjoy the smooth, rich flavors.

**About Twisted Hemp**:

Twisted Hemp is a trusted name in the realm of organic smoking products. Their dedication to providing quality, all-natural hemp cigarillos has made them favorites among purists and casual smokers alike.

**Warning**: This product is intended for adults 21 years or older. Ensure you're in compliance with local regulations and laws. Always consume responsibly.

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