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Zig-Zag King Cigarette Papers

Zig-Zag King Cigarette Papers

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Zig-Zag King Cigarette Papers


**Product Overview**:

Zig-Zag King Cigarette Papers are a classic choice for smokers who enjoy rolling their own cigarettes. Known for their quality and reliability, these papers offer an excellent blend of thinness and strength for a satisfying smoking experience.


- **King Size**: Ample space for rolling larger cigarettes, ideal for those who want a longer smoke.

- **Ultra-Thin**: These papers are thin, allowing for a cleaner taste and less paper smoke.

- **Slow-Burning**: Made for a slow, even burn that complements your choice of tobacco or herbal blend.

- **Easy-to-Use**: Comes in a flip-top booklet that makes it easy to remove one paper at a time.

- **Natural Gum**: Uses a natural gum adhesive for a secure roll and even burn.

**Usage Instructions**:

1. Take a single paper from the booklet.
2. Place your tobacco or herbal blend evenly along the paper.
3. Roll the paper tightly around the blend.
4. Lick or moisten the adhesive strip and press to seal the roll.
5. Light one end evenly and enjoy your smoke.

**About Zig-Zag**:

Zig-Zag is a brand with a storied history, known for its quality rolling papers that have been a staple among smokers for generations.

**Warning**: You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase and use this product. Smoking is harmful to health and should be done responsibly, in accordance with local laws.

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