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Hi On Nature THCA/THCP Dabs Batter - 1G

Hi On Nature THCA/THCP Dabs Batter - 1G

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Hi On Nature THCa + THCP Dabs 1g–Batter is back, introducing another cannabinoid-infused, high-potency dab! Although the previous 3g live Delta 8 THC + THCP product was impressive, they've managed to maintain the same potency level even in these 1g dabs!

These THCa + THCP dabs are part of Hi On Nature’s latest product range, all of which utilize THCa + THCP. For those who are not fans of dabbing, the brand offers a new disposable option. Alternatively, if one prefers a different form of concentrate over batter, they have a diamonds and sauce variation available!

Each package contains 1g of a THCa + THCP batter concentrate. Badder concentrates usually feature a whipped consistency, similar to cake batter. Despite being considered a wax, it's among the thickest and stickiest of concentrates.

Ideal usage would be in a dedicated dab device, but users also have the option to add it to their flower for an enhanced smoking experience. This product range is shaped by the provisions of the U.S. Farm Bill Act, ensuring its legal status.

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