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Modus Upper Cut Blend Pre-Rolls - 4G

Modus Upper Cut Blend Pre-Rolls - 4G

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Packed with a powerful mix of THC-H, Delta-8 Live Resin, and THC-JD, the Modus Upper Cut Blend Pre-Rolls deliver a significant punch. Each pack offers two pre-rolls, with each pre-roll containing 2 grams for a total of 4 grams! You have a selection of five terpene flavors tied to specific strains, with options for Hybrid, Indica, and Sativa. Entirely sourced from 100% USA-grown hemp, these pre-rolls adhere to federal legality as outlined in the 2018 Farm Bill Act. Modus's Upper Cut Blend is tailored for users with a high tolerance level and is not recommended for the unseasoned. Modus stands behind its commitment to use only the cleanest and most unadulterated extracts in all their hemp products, all in strict accordance with the Farm Bill Act.

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