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Hi On Nature DELTA 8 + THC-P Space Rings - 2500MG

Hi On Nature DELTA 8 + THC-P Space Rings - 2500MG

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Prepare to rocket into a galaxy of euphoria with Hi on Nature's reinvigorated Space Rings! We've supercharged our classic rings, infusing them with a dynamic blend of Delta 8 and THC-P. With THC-P's remarkable potency, being 33x stronger than standard Delta 8 THC, an extraordinary journey awaits you!

Fear not, we've preserved the beloved iconic flavors in a tempting fusion of sour and fruity goodness. So delicious, you'll be tempted to enjoy the entire bag, but a single bite is all you'll need to transport you straight to celestial bliss! Every Space Ring is thoughtfully crafted from premium, farm-compliant West Coast hemp, and rigorously quality-controlled for accurate dosing and supreme safety. At Hi on Nature, we take your cosmic exploration to heart.
• 2,500 mg per package
• 10 gummies per package, 250mg per gummy

We follow legal guidelines and ensure that our offerings fall under 0.3% THC, in compliance with the Farm Bill Act.

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