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Cake Delta 8 Gummies - 500mg

Cake Delta 8 Gummies - 500mg

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Cake Delta 8 gummies have made a triumphant return, improved and more delightful than before! Enjoy all the well-loved benefits of Cake Delta 8, now enhanced with the energizing lift of Delta 10. Suitable for all types of consumers, Cake D8 gummies are the perfect daily indulgence.

Each bag of Cake Delta 8 / Delta 10 Gummies offers 10 pieces, with every gummy infused with 50mg of premium distillate, totaling 500mg per bag. Crafted with pectin, these gummies are 100% Vegan, providing a guilt-free pleasure.

Savor the delectable taste and invigorating effects of Cake Delta 8 Gummies. We follow legal guidelines and ensure that our offerings fall under 0.3% THC, in compliance with the Farm Bill Act.

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