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Torch Nitro Blend XXL Gummies - 7000MG

Torch Nitro Blend XXL Gummies - 7000MG

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Introducing the Torch Nitro Blend XXL gummies, a thrilling new addition to our gummy lineup that's bound to ignite your senses! This cutting-edge concoction features a Nitro Blend of potent THC-P + HHC-P along with Live Resin terpene extract, delivering an unparalleled experience.

Each delectable gummy is infused with 350mg of our specialized blended cannabinoids, amounting to a total of 7000mg per jar. With six unique and tantalizing flavors to choose from, your taste buds will be on an unforgettable adventure.

Please allow an hour to feel the effects after indulging in one of these potent gummies, and adjust your dosage based on tolerance. Rest assured, these gummies comply with the 2018 farm bill, containing less than .3% delta-9 THC.

Get ready to take your taste buds on a wild ride and explore the unique sensation only Torch Nitro Blend XXL gummies can offer!

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