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Whip-it N20 Cream Chargers - 24 Pack

Whip-it N20 Cream Chargers - 24 Pack

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- Quantity: Contains 24 N2O cream chargers, ideal for smaller culinary projects.
- High-Quality Nitrous Oxide: Each charger is filled with 8 grams of pure N2O for reliable performance.
- Universal Design: Compatible with all standard whipped cream dispensers.
- User-Friendly: Easy to install and use, enhancing efficiency in the kitchen.
- Food-Grade Quality: Ensures the purity and taste integrity of whipped cream.
- Versatile Use: Suitable for creating whipped cream for a variety of dishes and beverages.

Warning: These chargers are filled with Nitrous Oxide and should only be used for culinary purposes. Users must be 21 years or older to purchase. Always use responsibly and in accordance with safety instructions.

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